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Friday Update For 1-17-2020

Hello Everyone:

Tonight was cold, windy, snowing and yet we still had people to serve. Thankfully to Hallmark Home Mortgage-NMLS#53441, Tracy White and her team we had hot chocolate, salad, desserts, Mexican tortilla wraps.... and we had plenty to go around- thank you Hallmark for your faithfulness to serving so many each month. When we got to the first stop it had just started to lightly snow and by 7:45 it was REALLY snowing which led to saying goodnight early because it was pretty bad. Thankfully our friend Jim allowed Tommy to drive him home as the snow was pretty thick and even though Jim had a coat, hat and gloves he realized a ride home was a good idea- very thankful for his friendship.

At the Rescue Mission we sadly found out a friend who had battled cancer for awhile had passed away last week. What a kind, quiet, gentle and praying man and will be certainly missed. For being 18 days into the new year we have had heard the news several times over of another life being gone. It does cause us to value each other more, pray more, listen more.

As simple as it is Stacy Bird and I looked at the snow and its beauty. I suppose I knew snow "glistened" but tonight it was more clear to me. Her and I watched as it fell on the cold concrete and was amazed how it looked like we did what we all do ....we snapped a picture! To be able to look at something that typically can be seen as a pain, slowing us down, causing cars to go in the ditch, coldness and on and on, can also be seen as beauty if we let it. Each flake is different and shines perfectly and is another picture of God's creation. Seems important to also view others as a unique, one of a kind and beautiful creation of God.

All of us have junk....some junk is outward and for many its inward..... we all have it. Hopefully we can step back and not view ourselves or others as something negative, but see the beauty of each other because that is how God sees us all the time.

* For the respect of those who allow our items to be dropped off at their business or church please leave all items in bags. Its important that the space allotted for us is at least somewhat tidy and bagged up. Again also remember we do not need children, women's clothes or any household items at this time. Thank you very

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