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Friday Update

Blessed Portion Friday Night Update 9-12-2020

Hello Everyone:

Tonight we had the famous Chicken and Rice, bread sticks, salad and donuts from the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church-- again we had just the right amount and everyone loves the dinner (especially Tommy and I- Marika always makes sure we get a little.)

We were able to celebrate one friends birthday tonight. He recently had major foot surgery in which he lost all his toes on one foot. I cant imagine the pain that must come from that, and yet he never complains. He is always cheerful and all he asks for is a little extra gauze if we have any. So tonight it was special to celebrate his day with him.

We also heard from or friend who is doing well at his new job and said he even got a raise...pretty amazing!! Then we heard how another friend will be moving into his own apartment by next Friday....again pretty amazing. He has lived on the streets for a 1 1/2 and its going to be so nice to see him in his own bed, in his own place!! We also checked on one of our friends who is upset because when she was forced to move her tent, her pretty comforter was lost. So you can be sure we will be finding one even better then the first. She had asked for some candy and thankfully we brought a lot because there were some friends we haven't seen in awhile there and we had plenty to share. One friend hasn't been around much, and it is hard to see her sleeping outside again. She has been through alot in the last couple years and were praying things can get better for her. One on hand you have women who are early 20's and then women who are in their late 50 and 60's.....its very hard.

Fridays seem to be alot of times from one end of the spectrum to the next. Seeing and celebrating so many good things, and then seeing and hearing such extreme hardships. Thankfully we have a God who can fix all things. Our prayer is that our city can bring resources for the MANY women who are outside and need help- and for them to feel safe. Its not safe being outside especially for women.

As a team we cannot fix everyone's situation, but we can love, listen, help where we can, and tell others how much Jesus loves them and that HE CAN FIX EVERYTHING!! The first picture with this post is from The Ark Encounter in Kentucky where we took some friends who could make it. I love the picture of them in front of it, because it just magnifies the glory and power of God. The boat took faith beyond what anyone could imagine and yet Noah didn't give up. He took his time, did it right, and didn't let anyone stop him. That faith saved lives and inspires me. This picture of our friends in front of the ark which you can barely see them, reminds me that God is BIGGER than us. That its not about US, we should never be the FOCUS---- we are just His servants doing the work He has told us to do and its for the saving of lives.

Thank you everyone for helping us in this ministry--together we are doing great things and I know people are seeing the goodness of God!


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