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Friday Night Update For 11-5-2021

Friday Update For November 5, 2021 Hello Everyone, Tonight we had the 13thStep House bring us pasta, garlic bread, salad, and water. It's been pretty cool to have them involved each month. They are all working on their sobriety each day and so we need to keep all the residents there in our prayers. Tonight was a busy night and they worked hard, so thank you Toby Hendrickson and your crew.

It was a fun night for several reasons. Jim finally got to see his friend Olivia Ghent after a long time. He has always enjoyed her friendship so it was good for him and us. Miss Olivia will be joining the United States Navy and while we are happy for her we will also miss her--but she knows were right here anytime she needs anything!!

Another reason tonight was extra good is that we saw an old friend (It's been two years) and he looks AMAZING!!! He's been clean and sober and has a job! Said he got tired of living the way he was and he's ready for a change. He took a Jesus Calling book and said he would safeguard it! So happy for him and thankful we have a place where we can meet with our friends and be consistent. Marcus came by and got some dinner, and a radio (he loves to listen to local football games.) He's had a hard road lately with his health, but he knows he is loved and we keep praying that things change for the better.

We went and sat with another old friend at the end of the night and made a promise to bring him a small individual thing of ice cream! Seems prolly a little odd, but he loves ice-cream and we're going to bring him some--not sure about the warm slice of cherry pie though! One thing at a time I guess. So we listened as he shared some thoughts he had and as he said about a month ago."People need to just sit and listen to others." We are never going to be able to undo what has been done physically and mentally to people, and we certainly can't force change, but we ALL can sit and listen. We all can be kind, can pray, can be there, have a good attitude and we all can be friendly. Sometimes it's those free things we have access to that help change a person's day and their life.

We talked about tonight how people have shown up on our doorstep at the right time and God has used them to help us. People who are just willing to listen to the nudge inside of them and allowed God to move....and that was free!! So this week we challenged people to just be kind, to love, and to soften their hearts towards others and to God.

We gave out a ton of socks, sweatshirts, hoodies, hand warmers, and batteries. Thank you, Joyce Nelson and Jehr for giving us much-needed batteries! We went through a lot of them! We are needing bookbags, Jesus Calling books, aa batteries, and thick blankets. We have Pathway Community Church as our drop-off site as well as MJS Apparel Screen Printing & Embroidery-- we pick up on Thursday so please try to have any items there before Thursday afternoon.

Thank you to Toby Hendrickson, Michael Jordan, 13th Step house, Mr. Swartz, Cherrilyn Thomas, Claudia Weesner, Hamilton Church of Christ, MJS Apparel Screen Printing & Embroidery, Pathway Community Church, Heather, Abby Shirk, Anna Zolman, Steve Zolman, Emma, Steve Davis, Tana Robison Theard, and thank you to all of you who drop off items each week for us.....we so appreciate your generosity and support!!


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