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Friday Night Update 8-14-2020

Hello Everyone,

Tonight we had the Greek ladies famous baked spaghetti, breadsticks, salad, brownies and drinks!!! We had the exact amount needed so you know that is God!!! We had a lot of people out tonight and it was pretty busy.

We celebrated two birthdays tonight... Batman and Tommy's. Thankful for both of them and its always nice to spend your birthday with friends! At the end of the night we gave away every blanket, sleeping bag, and book bags. Thankfully we had enough to go around and we are thankful for you donating to us,it helps so much.

Last week we shared how we sat with our friend who wondered if her daughter was still alive because there were many rumors that she was dead. Great news.... she is still alive!! Thankful for that and so was our friend. As we sat with our friend she talked about how thin she is getting, her blood sugar issues, and the struggle of being outside. We sat in her "home" with a little bit of charge left in a battery hanging from the top of the torn tent. Decided to save whatever charge was left, and lit a candle instead. Hard to see women with no where to go and having only a small light. She said she is strong and will never give up. We pray God keeps her healthy and safe.

Another lady friend tonight shared how she got a job that she has always wanted and she seems excited to start. She has battled cancer in the past and its great to see how she is moving forward and feeling good.

As we closed out the night we listened as a dear friend prayed for the ministry and that God would open up his heart to break free from drinking. He has an addiction for sure, but he does love God and prays every night. We spent a good amount of time talking about things that have happened over the last 8 years and all the funny moments we have shared together. He goes through periods of being on the right track and times where he is barely alive and its hard to see that. Hard to want someone to be free from addiction more then they themselves want it. But we keep praying, keep encouraging, keep pointing the way for recovery and help and never give up on loving them right where they are. That is how Jesus is and we are trying our best to love on others how He would want us to.

Tonight was busy, saw a lot of people and gave away a lot needed items. Thank you everyone for making it possible each week to do what we do. We are thankful for the generous support. Have a blessed weekend.


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