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Blessed Portion Update

Blessed Portion Friday Update For 1-15-2021

Hello Everyone,

Funny how the weather is at times....we left our home around 5:45 and no rain or snow. Then got to the Coldwater exit and it was snowing so hard it was hard to see. Get downtown still snowing some then all of a sudden quit!! Crazy!! Thankfully though Tracy White, Rhonda Powell, Ellen Hackett, and the rest of the Hallmark Home Mortgage-NMLS#53441 team we had Salisbury steak, salad, mashed potatoes, oranges, and drinks. Found out Tracy was up at midnight cooking over 55 steaks!! We are always in awe of how much people give to this ministry and their generosity. Thank you so much Hallmark for all you do .... we love you.

Tonight was interesting, to say the least as conversations downtown prove to be ones to remember. One man needed everything. A sleeping bag, socks, underwear, blankets, book bag, flashlight, sternos, snacks. Thankfully we were able to load him up and felt comfortable he was going to be ok for the night. Talked with our lady friend and she was so happy to report she is in a hotel for a month. Jacquie Aldrich got her set up and also ordered a part for her car which is a blower for the heater. We are looking for anyone who could be able to put it in for her.

The crowd was small tonight and yet were still surprised to see some come out especially when it's super cold. Some have said that there is someone feeding at Promenade Park on Fridays around 6:30---not sure but that is the buzz.

Some good news also to report is we have a brand new bed for Dave, some dishes and household items. Thankful for people who are willing to donate to people who need it when we can all work together for those in need.

The times we are in are certainly frustrating, confusing, and at times straight-up crazy and we need to remember to pray for our country and for people. To show people the love of God in action, words, and prayer. So many people are in need and I hope we can continue to help others despite the situation going on around us because so many need help.

Have a great week everyone and remember to ask someone to church next week. Never know it might just change their life and possibly yours as well!


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