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Blessed Portion Update

Blessed Portion Friday Update 10-2-2020 Hello Everyone--

Tonights weather was a little chilly, but we had hot macaroni and cheese with ham, fresh strawberries, oranges, and drinks thanks to Amber Gaskill. Having a warm meal on chilly nights is exactly what is needed- thank you Amber!!

We also were blessed to have the youth group from Trinity Lutheran come and hand out some blessing bags to our friends, and they helped serve dinner. Sure is nice to see young people wanting to serve their community, they did a wonderful job!!

The crowd was smaller tonight. Not sure if it was because everyone was evicted this past week or just the temps getting lower. There are several women who do not have a place to go and it's very hard to understand why our city doesn't have a place for them and close enough that they can take advantage of the places that serve meals. It is extremely hard to walk away from our lady friends who are outside and do not feel safe.

The need for hoodies, warm socks, gloves, hats and jackets is HIGH so please consider cleaning out your closets for those who are in need. Please only give sizes large and above as many layer their clothes. Our drop off sites are Pathway Community Church in Fort Wayne, and Mjs Apparel In Garrett.

Tonight we talked about the epidemic of suicide and how it is dramatically on the rise. We talked about how Jesus died on the cross not only for our eternity, but also for our todays. That since He did that we can trust He wants to be involved in our everyday lives. That the Bible promises God hears and will help us. Also that we have to be willing to help others when we see someone who is struggling....we need to get involved and help wherever we can. There are so many people hurting and for some it's extremely difficult to find their way out of the pain. Talked with a friend tonight who is missing his Grandma - and he wants a sign she is Heaven with his Grandpa. For him not knowing where she is causes great anxiety within him. We listened and prayed with him and reminded him God knows what he needs and to at least give God a chance to ease his anxiety.

At the end of our night we got our lady friend settled in with a sleeping bag, snacks and water and listened to some Christian music from our phones ( the song posted with this update is the one we listened to ). One thing I have learned over and over again is that God TRULY is everywhere. While I know this, it is still amazing to sit in a little space outside with a friend who has nothing and yet loves Jesus and can't wait to be with Him. We sat and listened to powerful Christian music, sang along, cried and felt God's presence. That my friends is what we all need to do. Take some time to just sit with others and allow the presence of The Holy Spirit to saturate every part of our hearts. Thank you to all of you who give to this ministry. We are able to help in many ways for people and its because of your generosity. Thank you.

* Remember ask someone to church this weekend--maybe even offer to be their ride. Never know it may just change their life forever and just possibly yours as well.


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