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Blessed Portion Friday Update 4-9-2021

Hello Everyone,

Tonight we had perfect thankful it's getting warmer outside. We had The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church brought Zianos breadsticks, baked spaghetti, salad, cookies, and drinks...perfect dinner as always!!! We had a pretty good crowd tonight and got to see some of our little friends (aka kids)

The night was peaceful and we heard from one of our volunteers who shared beautifully that "He is not falling apart." He shared how that in the past his coping mechanism when hard times came his way was drinking through it. He said that the last past week has not been the best- he has had several moments of bad news. However, he is NOT drinking' his way through it....which means he is not falling apart. He said that God never gave up on him--not one time. He spends time with us on Fridays to give back to others and to share how God has proven Himself faithful and that God will never give up anyone!!

Then an old friend showed up and she was extremely in a bad state. She started crying saying she didn't want to live anymore and said how much God doesn't like her anymore because of her habits. She had her hair pulled back in a covid mask and broke our hearts. She finally agreed to sit down, have a little bit of water and we talked. Her hair was pretty tangled up so she had a brush and let me untangle her hair and put it back up with the mask elastic. She asked for a hoodie and thankfully we had one and as she put it on I was able to secretly pour out the remaining choice of drink she had left. She laughed at me when the hoodie went on and said she saw me take the bottle and dump it out...thankfully she wasn't mad. Given her state, at that moment she didn't qualify to go anywhere, and finding a place for her to sleep was a huge issue. She wanted to just walk the streets and we knew that would lead to something bad happening most likely. So she asked for a blanket and she and I went for a walk.

Found a little spot somewhat hidden and put her blanket down, covered her up, and sat with her for about 10 minutes hoping she would fall asleep. It's a different kind of moment when you're hunched down hoping no one sees you and hoping your friend falls asleep.....outside. As I sat there I have to admit I was frustrated with the habit that is taking her life, and yet saddened that this is where we landed for the night....a little spot by a bush. After a few minutes, I told her I loved her and that I was heading home and would talk with her soon. As I walked away I hoped with all my might she wouldn't be found and safe.

All in all the night was great and as always we love all those we see each week. Were thankful to Trinity English Lutheran Church for letting us use the property parking lot each Friday. Thank you also to everyone who helps, donates, drives makes Sunday lunches, and serves with us!!!

Remember: Ask someone to church this week and offer to give them a ride. Maybe even buy them a coffee or lunch afterward..never know it may just their life forever and yours as well!


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