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Blessed Portion Friday Update 4-17-2020

Hello Everyone,

Big thanks to Hallmark Home Mortgage-NMLS#53441, Rhonda Powell, Tracy White for bringing Ham and Turkey sandwiches, bananas, chips, water, and cookies. They came prepared to serve our friends all while being gloved and masked up!! Thank you so much for being willing to serve at this time.

With the snow there were many who were wet and not having a way to get dry. We were able to give out many gloves, socks, blankets and hand warmers. The weather sure is crazy right now it seems!! Some were trying to move their belongings to new spots to be farther out and hopefully more protected. Hard to see people taking all they have which fits into a trash bag and walk off.

The question was brought up tonight as to what others think about this virus? Some shared they feel its the end times, some said its time for unity to happen. We also talked about how this virus is either bringing out the worse in people or the good. How this also could be used to get our attention and what God might be trying to show us. It led to the discussion of what does it look like to "Live your life for God instead of just believing in God." Some gave their opinions on the subject saying its about being obedient. To evaluate each of ourselves and our hearts and see if there needs to be some changes.- some real changes. Its interesting to hear other peoples hearts, their convictions and for all of us to be challenged.

One friend said something that stuck with me. He said we have the freedom to talk about Jesus Christ and how that is a good thing. How we need to be focused on Him and doing the right thing all the time. For me standing there in a social distancing environment, seeing snow on the ground, the back of Tracy Whites car opened up with 60 hearty lunch sacks in the back, our few volunteers, and our friends who are family.....made me again be so thankful we do live in a free country, that we CAN pray out loud for another, that we CAN feed and help those in need, that we CAN laugh, and listen to others and LOVE!!!! We only can love others because God first loved us and gave us that ability, and our hope is that we can continue to LOVE more and more and even in greater ways.

There are always going to be people who are in need. Whether it's homelessness, people who are in poor health. People who are battling depression, addiction, grieving a loss, feel alone....the needs will always be there. The beauty is Jesus gave all He had knowing so many wouldn't even care, but he did it anyways. Our prayer is that through this virus God shows us how to meet more needs, how to love more, listen more, be more patient, be more bold for the cross and that we listen to the voice of the One who made us. Oh the world would be a much happier place if we chose to be on fire for lets start to day to do that. Not everything requires a check for money....just a check in our spirit to allow The Holy Spirit to lead us to those He desires us to minister too!


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