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Friday Update

Hello Everyone,

This Friday was perfect weather and a great night. We ran out of food within the first half hour because there were so many out. Thanks to McDonalds, Lori Williams, Adrienne Clark for going and getting cheeseburgers and fries and managed to get back to the first stop before we left!! Those ladies at Mcdonalds deserve a BIG shout out for their quick work.

Tonight we had the privilege of praying with several people who just needed some one on one encouragement. Have you ever asked someone to pray for you? It sure can bring such calmness and peace dont you agree? We love having the opportunity to pray for people and there is so many needs for sure.

Tonight the song Reckless Love by Cory Asbury was listened to off of my phone by a friend. He was sharing with me that he loves worship music. That when he is singing he forgets where he is and lets his whole heart worship. He said that some dont know what to think but he doesn't care. As we talked about many songs Reckless love came up and we listened to it. At first we just listened but then just as the Holy Spirit does He overwhelmed our friend, and he worshiped!! He didn't care who was watching or hearing. He sang louder and louder and had lifted hands-- and it was beautiful and convicting. Would I be willing to sing at the top of my lungs and raise my hands and worship Jesus no matter where I was? Would i be willing to not care who heard me? Apparently God has some work to do in me yet and I'm looking forward to it.

Tonight was a great night and we had plenty of food, clothes, prayers and love for all. We met several new people and saw many old friends. Our team always walks away each Friday in awe of God and grateful to be doing his work. Thank you for supporting us in donations, prayer, encouragement, making lunches for our friends each Sunday and driving people to church. We do this together for sure!

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