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friday night update

Gina Burns is with Jacquie Aldrich and 4 others.

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Blessed Portion Friday Update 9-14-18

Hello Everyone,

Tonight we had the infamous Greek Ladies serve us...we had Ziano's bread sticks, spaghetti, salad, brownies , cookies and water. We had plenty of food which again is always a blessing...and thank you to our team for getting me a birthday cake!! Love that whip cream icing!!

Tonight we met some new faces. A family that is now outside until they can get things straightened out with their income and a place to stay. We were able to give them some hygiene items, socks, snack bags, and a few clothing items. One thing that our team is always thankful for is that we usually have enough items for all who we encounter even the new thank you to all who donate. So we met a few new people at our first stop and enjoyed the weather together. We have one friend who has come a long way. I can remember seeing her years ago in a tent with temperatures way above 90' degrees and she just looked so tired. She was pregnant at that time and I'm sure she was feeling miserable. Tonight seeing her and catching up with her was good. Was good to see her smiling, eating and alive. She has some pretty solid goals for herself and were praying that it all works out how she wants.

Also talked with a few friends who are expecting a baby and a couple who have already had their baby. Again we pray for the safety for these young families as they have gotten off the streets and trying to put the pieces together of their lives. Talked with our friend Jerry tonight. He is now helping out another man on the streets which is so kind. He this week will be interviewing for a job he is hoping to get and were hoping he will come to church one Sunday as well with us. He never asks for anything. He keeps to himself mostly and is a quiet man but so kind.

Tonight we also got to talk to our friend who was under the bridge but now is in a shelter. He wanted to say thank you. Thanks for just giving him a little bit of encouragement the two times we saw him. We laughed tonight as I told him how I remembered that he didn't really want to talk to much at first and said he didn't want any food but we still left some and managed to pray with him. I told him as mamas its hard to not be that way and he laughed. He said he appreciated how we encouraged him and how important it is. He shared how he is pretty much alone right working which is good and seems happy. Its an amazing thing when you think about his situation. We couldn't tell what he looked like those two nights...but God knew. We wouldn't have recognized him in the daylight and yet he knew us and came right up to us. It makes me think in some way for many and even me at times we are or have been sitting in the dark. Sitting there thinking no one cares, our souls are thirsty, we are alone and see no hope. Then God in His light and love enters our space and lights it up letting us know He is there. Letting us know He wants to help us, that He is enough for us. For our friend I am reminded that God knows exactly where we are, what we need and meets us right there....He brings light to the darkness and that breeds hope. In no way am I stating we are to be praised for this man because we are not...I'm stating that God met him there, he's no longer sitting and sleeping in the dark. He has new friends around him, has food and shelter and hopefully some hope. I shared with him how we started this ministry and how it came in the middle of crisis for our family. How at the time it seemed completely illogical for us to do....but God met us in that dark time, a time where there didn't seem a way and He made a way and that God will make a way for him as well.

So tonight we had a great night. We got to see many new people and learn about them. Got to see some old friends and see the new paths they are one. Lastly we saw some friends who are not there yet. One friend at the end of the night was in bad shape trying to sleep in a open area that would have created even more problems for him. So we took him and all his bags of belongings, his bike and settled him way back under a tree for the night. Walked away in the dark night thinking "God--please help him to want more than this." So hard to walk away seeing people you care about ....but they have to decide they want freedom. So as we walked away to our cars we saw our friend who is deaf sitting on a bench. There was a couple next to him who was apparently in a mess. The girl was crying about a relationship issue and here is our friend who cant hear trying to sleep on a bench for the night with no blankets. Two completely different worlds happening at that moment. They saw us hand him the remaining meal we had and they just watched. Do not know what they were thinking...and neither do we. What we do hope is that everyone could think about those around them more and reach out. Reach out to encourage others....because like our friend was the simple act of encouragement that helped him make the change!!

Thank you everyone for your donations, prayers, those who drive on Sundays, those who make lunches for our friends on Sundays and for those who serve with us!

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