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Blessed Portion Friday Night Update 1-12-18

Acts 4:13 " When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus"

Hello Everyone-

Needless to say tonight was COLD!!! As we started tonight the temps were 23 and WINDY and on the way home the temps were down to 18 and still windy---unbelievably cold!!! So cold that one friends beard literally had some ice on it---thankfully he was able to get warm pretty quick and have some food. It is always surprising that so many will come down even on the coldest of nights--and sometimes many are just wanting to have that hour of talking and being together and it surely is a gift.

Had the privilege of talking with one friend and listened as she shared how well her life is going. She talked about her job and how that she is getting paid .25 cents less then minimum wage and she doesn't care--she is just happy to have a job. She is in a better relationship as well and is still clean and sober. Her countenance tonight was so radiant and we loved hearing how she is finally seeing some good things happen. She has had a lot of hard times, a lot of disappointment and being outside--but tonight she is inside, paying rent, working and we loved hearing it all and know its answered prayers for sure--great thing is she sees it that way also. Got to see and give one mama to be a glass of milk!!! She is doing well in her pregnancy and seems to be healthy and has a good head on her shoulders! We also saw a friend who is clean and sober and struggling....crowds are NOT his thing at all, but he got some food, a jacket, some gloves and were praying for him as he continues to be clean and sober and the challenges that come with that physically and mentally.

Tonight at each stop for me personally I was in awe of our faithful team-- who comes and braves these temps in the winter faithfully, those who make food, those who just love on people so well, to those of you who are behind the scenes making sure we have donations, letting your business be a drop off site, those who financially give (our food costs are pretty high so thank you), those who pray for us, those who are continually sharing what we do to help us.....thank you because your just as much a part of our team as those who come on Friday--your just a little warmer hee-hee!! Looking around tonight and seeing so many get items they need, seeing people taking Bibles, asking if they can come to church (We need one more driver by the way), those who just want someone to pray with them and encourage them. Looking around and seeing people share their hearts, their struggles, their mishaps, and yet seeing their courage to make tomorrow better than today inspires Tommy and I and makes US better people.

Seeing people tonight who were outside in one spot and FREEZING but yet peeked their heads out to talk for a few minutes and have some food was humbling and beautiful. Hearing one man say that another man needs more blankets because he is kicking them off in the middle of the night and he gets cold truly warms your heart because of how they stick together. Seeing one woman go to a friend and put her arm around him and comfort him again is a treasure to behold.... Love truly is everyone the single most important thing to offer because love--real love is healing. We talked about the verse above tonight and our challenge was to be the kind of people like Peter and John who others could tell "Had been with Jesus." Often times we equate success with just education, with titles behind our names, our positions and so called power, how big our home is and even worse how much money we have and while non of those things are wrong--it isn't what truly matters. What matters is how our walk with Jesus is--because if we know and spend time with Jesus then things change. Our speech becomes better, our actions are improved, our giving is more, our hearts are more pure and we are forever changed and that's what its about. Tonight I saw our team in action, and I can see that they have been with Jesus. They are reflections of Christ and so are all of you who support us....and we are seeing our friends make some changes--changes that reflect they too are spending time with Jesus and that is the fruit of this ministry. Yes we feed, clothe and again point people to recovery but we most important let them know there is hope through Jesus Christ. We love bringing people to church with us because again that is where change is coming from--from Jesus. So thank you everyone for "being with Jesus" which helps us share the good news and along the way offer some tangible mush needed items as well.

Thanks to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Renee Eich- Curneal, Claudia Wessner, Christina King,Christina Scheiber, Rochelle Bloomfield-Wilson, Amber Gaskill , Trademark Title, Nick Reinoehl, Jacquie Aldrich, Stacy Hagerty, Mjs Apparel, Auburn Massage and Wellness, Mark Stebing, Jennifer Lynne Stebing, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot, Matt Penrod, Kimberly Rinehart Neuhouser and her crew for always making sure we have lunches on Sundays, Ryan Hull for driving along with Jamie and Julie Nicholson, Laura Mock, Lori Williams, chad andKaren Ann Weeks, Dino Zurzolo, Marsha Banicki Graham, Tina Putt, JohnEmily Gerber Nussbaum, Christine Stockman

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