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Update for 9-15-17

Hello Everyone--

Thank you to Castle One Realty for providing our meal tonight and an even bigger thanks to Amber Gaskill for making it happen. We had plenty of food for the whole night and we again are so grateful. Thank you to all who donated this week as well. We gave out 2 tents, 3 sleeping bags, all the socks, underwear, jeans, gave out a few hoodies and lots of hygiene items. Sometimes when we pack the van we think there is no way we will give out what we pack, but come prepared anyways and as always we have exactly what we need.

Tonight we listened to the song by Casting Crowns " What If I gave everything" at all 3 stops. It's a powerful song that talks about what if we were to stop playing games--get out of the sand box and walk in the deep water with God? What would our life be like if we didn't hold anything back? For one friend tonight after that song played she made that decision. She made the decision to give it serve believe that He loves believe that He does forgive and hasn't forgotten about her. Her brother tonight also had the privilege of baptizing her after she accepted Christ and let me tell you it was something AMAZING to see. Brother and sister who have come along way and who now both know Jesus. This lady has endured more in the last week than most and has survived it thanks to God. Last week we as a group prayed for her as she was in the hospital and to see her tonight still a little banged up, but standing on her own two legs was an answer to prayer!!

We are so blessed to have a private place to serve our friends each Friday each week and have some peace of mind. We are thankful for those organizations that provide food when they can. We are thankful that we have items people need to survive. Just like a couple we met years ago. They were at one time in the woods, then went to a garage, then to a friends house and then to family. Now here they were tonight 6 years later back in the woods. This time though it wont be for long as they have some financial help coming and again we had items they needed to get through the month... God always provides!!!

Thank you everyone and God bless you for helping us and thank you God Almighty for the work your doing. Thank you that you love all of us the same and your never far from us.

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