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Friday update for 8-18-17

I do not want to discount any night that Blessed Portion Ministries has gone out to serve as Christ, but this night was a first for me. Let me explain, I have been coming out and I have been a part of this ministry for a while now. But this week I was given the honor and privilege of filling in for Tommy and Gina (as they help their son move on to college and so much more) and not only did they hand me the keys to their van they allowed me to experience a bit more than I normally do on Friday nights. For example, going to meet the Hamilton Church family that served the men, women, and children tonight. I got to meet them and pray with them as a group at Burger King before we headed to our first stop. Leading the groups in prayer and feeling so much more compelled to represent this ministry in the absence of Tommy and Gina, but more than that representing Christ to those who need Him so desperately as I do. I truly prayed for God to bless this night and He showed up and I so felt His presence walking among us. I prayed for God to give me a verse or a word this night and He led me to Psalm 124 that fit very well as we gathered to pray and talk about the incidents of the week. This verse talks about the fact that we will face many trials and tribulations, but if it has not been for the Lord interacting in our lives we would be swept away not only by the storms of our lives, but by the enemy who would love to get his teeth in us and tear us apart. Because the Lord is all-powerful, ever present, all knowing and His love endures forever. I would like to thank all the volunteers and members from Hamilton Church who brought pulled pork sandwiches, chips, applesauce and homemade Zucchini bread, as well as lemonade. We heard more stories of incidents of spice overdoses, of those dealing with cancer, anxiety, among other issues of pain. I felt such a presence this night of peace from the Lord as we prayed over these issues. At the Mission we experienced a circle of praise and many of the men told their testimony of sobriety, new jobs, and healing that had and was continuing to take place. Anyone who thinks that God is not at work among so many that need Him, they need to venture out and see that He is so busy working in the lives of these men and so many others. Our final stop at Catalpa House was an extreme blessing to me because this was my first time coming there. After a bit of a round about road trip to find the building (sorry to those following me) we pulled into the parking lot and the first thing we were greeted with was a smile from the men who lived there. I felt blessed and humbled to be there on this wonderful night. Perhaps some people would drive by this building and not know that anyone was living in it. And even though it looked like a fairly ordinary place within the neighborhood it was filled with men who were filled with hope. The four men living there so humbled and thankful for the opportunity to live in this place. One of the men told me that “he used to live on the street, but now he lives in a mansion”. This helped me remember that Jesus is preparing a place for all of us in heaven, but why not look around at what He has given us now and appreciate it the way these men appreciated what God had given them. These men are growing their own vegetables, woodworking, and working together to change their lives for the better. Every experience tonight blessed me so much more than I felt I was blessing others. I thank God for orchestrating every moment and to LORD be all the glory for everyday and this wonderful night with Blessed Portion and the members of Hamilton Church.

written by Michael Jordan

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