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Blessed Portion Update 6-09-17

"Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 " Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other one up. But pity anyone who who falls and has no one to them up."


Do you ever wonder why things happen --or even the timing of things? WELL let me tell you about our CRAZY NIGHT!!! Headed downtown for the I am running late (doesn't happen too often) so that always gets me a little up with our team at Burger King. Find out thanks to Amber Gaskill we are having ham, potato salad, and cole slaw and her!!! Ok...everything looks good and time to go...go to leave Burger King and one of our volunteers didn't see me and backed into worries on my end the van is fine...her car though has a broken tail light to which she so calmly says "Its ok I will glue it."... Head down the few blocks to turn onto Superior Street in left lane....see two woman on the sidewalk from Club Soda who are bloody. Me who DOES NOT DO BLOOD feels I better stop anyways. Cant quite get in the right hand lane so i park my car almost on the yellow line and get out to offer help. LOTS of blood and two women upset. Go to offer assistance even though I'm again not a blood person....get the "Make shift draw string hodge podge first aid kit out of van and offer help. Julie Nicholson who is on our team quickly gets baby wipes out and starts offering them...Amber Gaskill wants to first make sure that I WAS NOT THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BLOODY WOMAN! SHE HAD TO ASK IF I HAD HIT HER? AFTER REASSURING HER I DID NOT...we all got into mom mode. After finding the source of the MAJOR bleeding for this poor woman who must have fallen outside the doors and when she fell her tooth went through her upper lip and punctured it all the way through. She had a lot of facial cuts to her nose and inside bottom of her mouth. So after we see there is plenty of help we decide to head to the park!! Park was was good.... celebrated William Borns birthday, talked to a lot of people...NIGHT IS GREAT!!! Go to unlock van for the MANY who were needing items and van is locked and keys are no where to be found!!!! So while WE ALL searched and searched we finally had to call a locksmith... I DO Love though how ALL OUR FRIENDS helped us looked and even stayed with Julie and Tommy as I took his van and went to the mission.

Ok, so at mission..............things are good, food is good and even though we didn't have supplies everyone still stayed out and hung with us!!! Prayer time...we talked at both stops about the verse in the top of this post. Last week we talked about being friendly and going the extra mile ..this week was how we need each other as the verse states. We also talked about doing what we are supposed to more more pride, no more un forgiveness, no more anger....just flipping doing what God says....period!!! So all in all a good night. Said goodnight to all at The Mission and everyone went in. A couple of us stayed in parking lot waiting for Tommy as the locksmith finally a hour later came (found the keys inside the van) and paid the 85.00 !!! Lori Williams at this time was parked behind Amber Gaskill. Lori started up her car to leave and I guess put it in drive instead of reverse and hit Amber's car.!!!!!!!!!! Once we knew there was no damage we all started laughing very hard as we couldn't believe this night. Then Julie Nicholson and Tommy show up and Julie shares how she hit Michael Jordans car as we was out helping us tonight...again no damage to either car!!!

Go to our last stop and see a friend we haven't seen in awhile. He was using a wet blanket inside a dirty trash bag to lay on so since we had the van back we were able to give him some MUCH needed blankets and a sleeping bag. As we visit with him we come across the spider in the picture!!!! Thankfully the spider stayed to itself and didn't bother any of us or our friend--still creepy though!!!....

So we had 6 cars all belonging to OUR team involved in "lets say bumps," a bloody, banged up hurt woman, a CREEPY spider, lost keys, no supplies in the beginning of the night and a few other things that are not mentioned bc of privacy for our friends...........BUT we had a great night!!! We all worked together, helped each other, encouraged one another. (Amber took Tommy's keys from me at The Mission so I would not lose them lol), and we spent time with our friends and got a little bit of Jesus in our hearts as we shared the word!! I do not think we have ever had a more chaotic night then this in the almost 6 years we have been doing this and yet God provided for all we needed tonight... and who knows what the enemy was trying to shut down BUT he didn't!!!! Do not know whose heart was touched, challenged or convicted, but I know we had interference from the git-go and our team carried on and Tommy and I are blessed!!!

Thanks Everyone for all the donations and support and for praying for us and our friends and Thanks to our team tonight.... Kim Ted Shook, Matt, Gabe Davis, his friend, Kay Disher and her grandson, Betty, Amber Gaskill,Michael Jordan, Bicycle Dave, Julie Nicholson, Lori Williams, William Born and all the people who came because I am horrible with names but please know your so appreciated....

NEXT WEEK NO ACCIDENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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