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Friday Update 6-12-2020

Hello Everyone

This is a very late update and for that I apologize--things seems to get so busy at times. Last Friday was a good night and the thing that seemed to stick out the most was a friend who shared his heart. He said he used to smoke at least a carton of cigarettes a week and asked God to help take it away and now he's down to 2 cigarettes a day!! As we stood together to pray he looked at me and said with his eyes welling up "It's about faith" and then said he was instantly full of the goosebumps. His request was that he is able to fully quit and for that we prayed as well. He really summed it all up with those 3 words. A person a can do anything with their faith leading them and its a beautiful reminder.

Our night was good and peaceful and as we always say just good to be together. We also were able to give away many needed items to several who were new to the streets. It sure is a blessing to say "Yes, we have that."

Thank you for still giving to us even through the virus because we need items so badly. Also thank you to those who gave to our lady friend and her son as they got a new place of their own. And thank you to those two friends who don't have a home and yet still brought canned food items and 5.00 for our young little friend and his family. Its amazing to see people give when they ARE in need. I love seeing people being Jesus to others!!

Have a good week everyone!!

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